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Is hyperventilation syndrome dangerous and can it be overcome i'm on zoloft (sertraline) 150mg for years now still feel sob?

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Dr. David Lipkin answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not dangerous: Hyperventilation syndrome not considered dangerous. Several practices can help reduce hyperventilation. Practicing mindfulness breathing may help. Go to my checklist on meditation for instructions. Also, learning how to to tell what thoughts may be responsible for anxiety/depression and best ways to deal with them: go to my CBT checklist "Overcoming Anxiety and Stress" Also http://bit.ly/1gJU36u

Answered 8/11/2017


Dr. John Michel answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Not serious and it: be overcome.. Hyperventilation syndrome is a manifestation of anxiety syndrome. The zoloft (sertraline) may not be the drug for you. Your doc should be able to find a drug to help you cope with this problem. You may need some counseling as well.

Answered 9/30/2015



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