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How long does it take for your knee to feel normal after micro fracture surgery? my knee still feels very weak after one year.

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Dr. Jason Torrente answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Need Follow Up: Most people who have microfracture surgery are able to return to sports or intense activities in 4 months, however, recovery is typically slow. For best results, physical therapy should be continued for 3-6 months after surgery. Results are better for patients less than 40 years of age and not overweight. If you are still feeling unstable after a year, you should make a follow up.

Answered 8/13/2018


Dr. Kenneth Tepper answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

Maybe never: The goal of microfracture is to create a healing type of cartilage in a defect. The cartilage is not as good as what was originally there. Recovery will depend on the size of the lesion which was microfractured, the location, and the condition of the rest of the knee. If you are still having problems, have it reevaluated.

Answered 1/4/2013



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