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Having on/off headaches for a week,my back shoulder/neck has been hurting more recently.pains down my arm,does it sound related to the head pain?

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May be your neck: It would make sense there is a neck problem, based on the symptoms of neck pain and symptoms in one arm. This is not enough information to decide though, and it is a good idea to have an examination to help answer your question.

Answered 5/3/2016


Dr. Vikram Patel answered

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Head and arm pain: If the pain or tingling or numbness is radiating down the arm, it is most likely caused by a pinched nerve in the neck spine. This may lead to muscle pain in the upper back and neck causing headaches. Try to use warm compresses over the muscles, avoid looking down and avoid jerky movements. Watching TV while in bed is also a bad idea, so is reading books while siting.

Answered 3/29/2017



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