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33 f lower left pelvis wrapped around to my right side under my rib cage started with my period,but 2wks and pain is getting worse.difficulty urinating, night sweats,and am very thirsty.

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Dr. David Lipkin answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

See Dr ASAP: Health Tap is not meant to try and diagnose complicated illnesses with multiple symptoms. Please don't try to diagnose your condition on line, it will only confuse and frighten you. If you want to find out what is wrong you must see a Dr. for a careful medical history and examination. Delay in seeing a physician may serious consequences. Good luck. I hope you get well soon.

Answered 5/19/2015


Dr. Julie Abbott answered

Specializes in Preventive Medicine

You need to be seen!: Any pain that has already been present for two weeks and is getting worse needs immediate evaluation. Urinary system/kidney problems suspected with your symptoms and night sweats suggest systemic infection. Call your doctor to see if she/he can meet your at ER or go to Urgent Care NOW! Good wishes:)

Answered 5/18/2015



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