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Can tendinitis in the arm cause osteoarthritis in neck? hurt my left shoulder and 9months later started having neck pain. mri was normal in shoulder

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Guarding causes pain: When you have shoulder pain for a length of time you change the way you sit, stand and move, so your neck may be strained from the altered postures and motions. It's very common. And mild arthritis that was there before may become symptomatic, but less likely. Correct any muscle imbalance around the neck and middle back and the pain should resolve. Try physical therapy for 1 month, then re-eval

Answered 5/14/2015


Dr. Shawn Dalton-bethea answered

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Tendonitis & Arthrit: Tendonitis in your left arm shouldn't cause arthritis in your neck. Shoulder and neck tend to commonly affect patients at once. Does your neck hurt when you rotate your neck from side to side or extend it? Sometimes the facet joints can cause pain to radiate from the neck into the shoulder. Have you tried any PT or chiropractic? Might benefit from oral steroids (7 days) or Toradol (5 days).

Answered 6/8/2015



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