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If cea has dropped after 2 round of chemotherapy from 80 to 55 is that a good drop ? or should it b more . metastic colon cancer

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Dr. John Feola answered

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CEA LEVEL: CEA LEVEL is a good marker for response to treatment for colon cancer. Follow up with your doctor to update CT/PET SCAN and continue to monitor CEA LEVEL

Answered 5/11/2015



Slight response: A tumor marker like CEA should only be employed for monitoring. During treatment if the tumor marker drops it is a suggestion that there is a response to treatment. If it rises then the tumor is probably progressing. This however should be confirmed by scan. A more significant finding however is not just a lowering of the marker level burt a return to normal. Chemo here should be continued.

Answered 1/26/2019



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