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Heavy head, dull headache that goes from mild to a little worse, anxious, tired, semi blurred vision dizziness, light and noise sensitive, tinnitus. ?

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Dr. John Feola answered

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R/O MIGRAINE : The 4 basic headaches are Tension, Sinus,migraine and cluster. MIGRAINES often have visual distortion/vertigo/tinnitus andcan have a PRODROME beforehand . Rest /ice and a darkened room may help. Also a NSAID like Aleve (naproxen) /daypro. /Triptans. HI FLOW O2. Meditation/Yoga/Biofeedback. GF DIET WHOLEAPPROACH.com You need a full exam an blood work to be through. If symptoms worsen seek medical evaluation

Answered 4/26/2015



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