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It's been 4 months now after my fibula fracture and torn ligaments surgery, after having a few minutes of walking my ankle get swell. it is normal?

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Common: This is common after such surgery. You may continue to have swelling for several months, particularly after activity. Using a compression stocking or ankle brace may help.

Answered 7/7/2018


Dr. Jeffery VanYperen answered

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Normal: After that much trauma, it is going to take a while for your ankle to settle down. Ligaments heal by scarring, and it can take up to a year (sometimes longer) for the fibers to remodel or reorganize into some semblence of "normal". Unfortunately, your ankle will never be the same after an injury like that, but the swelling should subside some in the coming months or year.

Answered 2/19/2015



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