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Can energy drink cause a rash? i've had energy drink everyday for a week and got an itchy, red rash. when it stops itching its white and flaky looking

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Dr. Morris Westfried answered

Specializes in Dermatology

Maybe: You can be sensitive to artificial colors or flavors in energy drink. It s best to stop for now. If there is residual rash that is not fading you may need prescription cream. See a dermatologist if it persists after stopping energy drinks.

Answered 1/30/2018


Dr. Brian Lynch answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Energy drinks: It's very hard to say if the rashes from the energy drink. Have to know exactly what drink it was and if there's any reported occurrence of rash. You can do a test of stop drinking it for a week and then drink it again and see if the same thing happens if you're that interested. That is if you had no other problems , no tightness of the throat no tightness in the chest or trouble breathing.

Answered 10/9/2017



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