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How many percentage of chances is there in chocolate cyst to shrink within itself only by avoiding food that boost up estrogen in our body ?

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Dr. Michael Fox answered

Specializes in Fertility Medicine

No Chances of Shrink: Chocolate cysts are endometriosis cysts on the ovary. There are no drugs or diet changes that will make those go away. Based on the way they form, they can't really decrease in size - only increase over time. Surgery is the only way to make the cyst disappear and even with surgery, there is a 15-20% chance the cyst will re-form.

Answered 11/28/2017


Dr. Malcolm Mackenzie answered

Specializes in Gynecology

Sadly, no chance.: What you describe as a "chocolate cyst" is what is known as an endometrioma - endometriosis within the ovary that then menstruates every month based upon stimulation by the estrogen produced by the ovary itself. Every time you have a period, the area of endometriosis in the ovary will menstruate as well and gradually the cyst will build up. What you eat wont change menstruation nor the cyst.

Answered 9/24/2013



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