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I had a vaginal hysterectomy a month ago.i removed my womb but not ovaries. now my left leg goes numb, burn, tingly feeling. is that normal?

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It is not normal.: Have your leg checked and make sure you do not have DVT (blood clots in the leg veins). It may be over stretching or pressure on the leg nerve us a result of positioning at time of your surgery and if it's so it should resole in time, be patient.

Answered 8/4/2015



Yes, but: Sometimes nerves are stretched or pinched in the course of surgery. Since we can't see those nerves , we can only try to avoid any pressure that woul lead to your symptoms. If the numbness doesn't go away in another month, contact your surgeon for a careful neurologic exam. Tingling can sometimes be a normal feeling as nerves heal (like when you cross your legs, and the lower leg goes numb).

Answered 2/9/2015



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