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Iam feeling memory loss my age 31?

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Dr. Donald McCarren answered

Specializes in Neurology

Usually inattention: Losing the ability to register, retain, and recall is unusual at your age and unlikely to represent a neurodegenerative disorder. Most commonly memory problems are related to poor attention as seen in anxiety states, sleep deprivation as in obstructive sleep apnea, or attention deficit disorder. Youn might want to see a neurologist so you can have your memory formally tested and go from there.

Answered 6/19/2020


Dr. Jefferson Chen answered

Specializes in Neurosurgery

Seek medical help: This is unusual for someone this young. Further evaluations include a history & physical. The history may reveal habits that make one prone to memory problems (ie. Excessive alcohol or drugs). If there is a history of head injury, this may provide some clues. Work-up with an MRI scan may give information about any structural causes--ie. Tumor or subdural. The family doctor can direct the referrals.

Answered 10/4/2016



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