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I am 38 & have low testosterone & low estrogen b4, i have normal periods and no gyno issues but have other health issues, would hrt help? 2- any risks of hrt?

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Dr. Gurney Pearsall answered

Specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine

Yes and Yes: 1) with low t / low e2, you seem to be an ideal candidate for hrt {bioidentical vs synthetic} 2) risk is inherent with any and all medical prescriptions. Even life itself is a risk because of what happens during the aging process. I prefer to evaluate the risk:benefit ratio. If the risk of therapy is minimal when compared to the benefit of therapy, then therapy wins.

Answered 12/28/2014


Dr. Andre Berger answered

Specializes in Cosmetic Surgery

Data 1st then action: Firstly, you need to get properly evaluated.This means checking all of your hormone levels to understand what hormones are either deficient or if there's an imbalance. Its important to determine if there's a imbalance what the cause may be.With this information the correct treatment of the imbalance can be prescribed and the risks and the benefits of this treatment should be determined.

Answered 6/7/2013



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