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A 38-year-old member asked:

What could happen if you walk on a sprained ankle?

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Dr. James Bicos
Orthopedic Surgery 23 years experience
More pain: If it is only a simple sprained ankle, walking on it too soon will only make the swelling worse and continue the pain. Sometimes a sprained ankle has significant ligament tears that can really make things worse if you walk on them too early, as they may not heal. Make sure to get an evaluation by an orthopedist.
Dr. Karim Badawy
Podiatry 9 years experience
Possible..: Hello, Depending on the severity of the sprain. If not so severe protected weight-bearing could be advised. If severe and it is not rested, you risk further attenuation and damage to the lateral ankle ligaments. This will lead to vicious cycle of continued pain and swelling. Its important that you consult a specialist for further advice. Feel better!

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A 23-year-old member asked:

Can I walk on a sprained ankle?

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Dr. Thomas Deberardino
Orthopedic Surgery 33 years experience
Yes if NO fracture: Ankle sprains are one of the most common extremity injuries. Most mild sprains are effectively treated with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Walking is allowed and recommended as soon as it is tolerated. Splinting or bracing can be useful to speed up recovery and the ability to walk with more significant ankle sprains.
A 42-year-old member asked:

Is it ok to walk on a sprained ankle?

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Dr. Richard Jay
Podiatry 44 years experience
Gentle pressure: Be aware that if the ligaments are totally ruptured, ambulation is not recommended. The ligament tear (sprain) in varying degrees. If the ankle is unstable, the ligaments may be totally separated, in that case you do don't want to put pressure on the ankle.
A 40-year-old member asked:

How long before i can walk on a sprained ankle?

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Dr. Jeffrey Kass
Podiatry 29 years experience
When it is healed: This can be determined by using pain and swelling as guidelines.
A 32-year-old member asked:

In how little time can you walk on a sprained ankle?

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Dr. Arnold Beresh
Podiatry 42 years experience
Depends: It depends on how bad the sprain is, how much pain, swelling.
A 42-year-old member asked:

Please tell me, could i walk on my sprained ankle?

1 doctor answer1 doctor weighed in
Dr. Arnold Beresh
Podiatry 42 years experience
Yes: Pain depends on position of the ankle.
Last updated May 6, 2020
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