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Hyperventilation syndrome - how do i recover from this? are there any specific breathing exercises or stretches i can do? i was diagnosed with asthma.

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Reduce stress: If you start hyperventilating, start by trying to avoid the source of stress that triggered it. There are biofeedback exercises that can be done to reduce your symptoms. Some speech therapists can also help you with such exercises. It can causes symptoms similar to asthma, but it is usually not the case. It can be vocal cord dysfunction. An otolaryngologist can easily diagnose it

Answered 7/17/2013



Medication: For you asthma. If the hyperventilation is due to "air hunger" caused by the symptoms of asthma then adding or adjusting the medication will help. If the hyperventilation is due to anxiety then a different med, an anti-anxiety drug will help.

Answered 2/8/2015



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