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My daughter's fiance just committed suicide and she is searching for answers. how can i help her?

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Stay close to her: A tragedy like this can lead to severe depression. Support now in her grief can prevent that. Were there signs of this happening? Often there are, but at times no clues are given. In either situation your daughter should know that she is not to blame for his suicide. That is a burden no one should carry. Love her and encourage her to get professional help if any signs of severe depression occur.

Answered 10/10/2012


Dr. Alfredo Soto answered

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Seek help: Your daughter is going through an extremely difficult trauma and is at risk for developing significant psychiatric effects from the trauma. You need to make her aware that she has family support and you will need a lot of patience with her. You should seek out a mental health expert in your area that you can refer her and maybe your family to. A trauma like that impacts everyone.

Answered 5/9/2016



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