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A 44-year-old member asked:

how do i tell if i need a crown lenghtening or implant?

9 doctor answers13 doctors weighed in
Dr. Theodore Davantzis
Dentistry 40 years experience
You personally can't: This decision is at the descretion of your treating dentist. And that decision is based on a number of factors, including your bite, length of teeth, bruxism, amount of bone, general medical health, condition of the tooth in question, etc, etc. There often is not one right or wrong answer, but rather a professional opinion. Get a second opinion if you are questioning the first.
Dr. Robert Wilkoff
Dentistry 39 years experience
The general dentist or prosthodontist should be making the diagnostic decision about whether a crown lengthening is indicated or not.
Apr 21, 2013
Dr. David Duguid
Dentistry 29 years experience
Consultations: I agree with dr. Davantzis. There are many factors. I'd like to weigh in to say that look at the costs as well. I personally would not recommend in most cases with the advancement of implants. There are many factors that would change my mind and many things that dr. Davantzis mentioned play a large factor. Get some opinions from your dentist and a periodontist or oral surgeon. Good luck!
Dr. Gilberto Nunez
Cosmetic Dentistry 18 years experience
Your dentist: When you visit your dentist he will refer you to an oral surgeon or a periodontist and they will determine if the tooth can be saved with a crown lenghtening and a crown or if it needs to be remove and an implant placed.
Dr. James Vito
Prosthodontics 37 years experience
Depends: Depends how much root is left in the bone following the crown lengthening procedure. Also if a root canal and a post and core has been performed. The more heroic procedures done the more fragile the tooth becomes. Each case must be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Dr. Sam Shahoveisi
dentistry 21 years experience
Second Opinons: Without xrays or exam it's hard to tell, so you should get various opinions. If the root is long enough and you have sufficient bone and it is an experienced practitioner and he/she says the prognosis is good, i then would recommend crown lengthening.
Dr. Don Millner
Cosmetic Dentistry 43 years experience
Crown to root ratio!: Many issues may impact on you decision. How much root will remain below the bone vs how much crown will reside above it to cause forces of leverage to loosen it. Even after more root exposed, is its surface completely flossable? Are furcations "dips" cleansable? An average crown lasts 8 years, a compromised one much less. Implants have a far better prognosis. What would your dds get?
Dr. Gregory LaMorte
Periodontics 42 years experience
You cannot: A dentist needs to evaluate the strength of the remaining tooth, the shape of the remaing tooth and how much more tooth needs to be exposed through crown lengthening. I hope this helps.
Dr. Eric Eltzroth
Dentistry 23 years experience
You Can't: You can't, but your dentist can. Crown lengthening would be needed if you don't have enough biologic width. A dental implant would be needed if you chose to have an implant to replace one or more missing teeth.
Dr. George Hanna
Dentistry 16 years experience
Need an exam: crown lengthening is when you determine the tooth needs support for a crown to protect the tooth. Implant is when the tooth needs to get extracted and implant placed. The dentist has to check if the tooth needs work or can not be restored, then the implant would be the option to chosse.

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A member asked:

Can I breastfeed if I have implant?

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Dr. Julia Sundel
Pediatrics 18 years experience
Yes: It is not harmful to your baby to breastfeed with implants. Some mothers find it difficult due to possible damage to milk ducts. Others may find it painful due to possible nerve injury from the surgery. You won't know until you try!
A 21-year-old member asked:

Are there any risks or side effects to multifocal lens implant surgery?

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Ophthalmology 34 years experience
Yes: Just like with any cataract surgery procedure, there are risks associated with the surgery such as infection, bleeding, pain and loss of vision. With multifocal implants these risks are no different. In addition to these risks there are common issues with these implants such as "halos" around lights or neon signs at night. This is usually an issue with the nonaccomodating implants.
A 40-year-old member asked:

Are penile implants usually safe, or is the complication rate high?

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Dr. Moez Khorsandi
Urology 27 years experience
Safe: Penile implants are generally safe with a low complication rate. The most common complications include infection, urethral injury, or bleeding. It can cause chronic pain but is much less common. For the right patient, it is a very viable option and with low morbidity.
A 40-year-old member asked:

Is it possible for penile implants to break under hard use?

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Dr. Moez Khorsandi
Urology 27 years experience
Yes: Penile implants consist of chambers placed in the penis to achieve an erection. An inflatable implant has tubing and a reserviour to store the fluid. If there is trauma to the pump, it can malfunction and become damaged. This will require another surgery to fix and replace the defective parts.
A 43-year-old member asked:

Are partial dentures a good alternative to implants?

11 doctor answers16 doctors weighed in
Dr. Earl Sandroff
Dentistry 43 years experience
They do work: Partial dentures (fixed & removable) have been around a lot longer than implants. Even tho implants are the standard of care they do have their drawbacks. Very expensive. They are very good but for those who can't afford them partial dentures do very well in most cases. If the partial dentures are your only bet, then many do their best to get used to them and make them work.

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