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Liver enzymes normal history kidney stones pain right side why ultrasound?

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Dr. Andrew Doe answered

Specializes in Radiology - Interventional

Easy and safe: Ultrasound is very safe and easy, and it can tell you if there is something wrong with your kidney (stone, dilated collecting system, etc). It can also look at the liver, if needed, at the same time. It is an excellent first step to visualize a problem. If you get an answer, you're done, and you don't have to go through a ct, mri, etc.

Answered 2/10/2016


Dr. Ed Friedlander answered

Specializes in Pathology

Seek and find: Gallstones usually have no effect on liver enzymes. Kidney stones are great imitators. It would be a shame to miss a mass that's causing symptoms. Ultrasound is an amazing, efficient, relatively cheap procedure. Good luck.

Answered 1/1/2013



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