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How can i help my mother with her anxiety attacks. they happen when she drives in a car in certain areas.?

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Sounds like PTSD: Anxiety or panic attacks which happen situationally have a reason like bad experience in that area in the past. Cognitive behavior therapy should help. You can help her by being supportive and willing to hear her story. Although a trained therapist would be better.

Answered 10/4/2016



It Depends: It depends on the diagnosis: is this simply panic disorder associated with a feeling of being trapped or a prior panic episode in the car or on the freeway? Or are there thoughts (obsessions) that lead her to avoid driving because of some fear that she might be responsible for something bad happening? A cognitive behavioral therapist should be able to tease this out and clarify.

Answered 3/15/2014


Dr. Delight Thompson answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

Guided Imagery: CBT is excellent for this situation. It helps to practice reducing anxiety daily, identify triggers - practice relaxation, imagine driving in situation-practice relaxing, and then eventually driving - practice relaxation. Free Smart Phone Apps: 1) MyCalmBeat, 2) StressCheck, 3) TacticalBreather 4) LifeArmor, 5) Breathe2Relax, 6) BioZen, 7) BinauralBeats therapy, 8) Instant Heart Rate.

Answered 9/28/2016



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