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I have an ache in my calf and pain in my ankle. could this be dvt? there is no swelling or redness.

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Possible: You don't have to have swelling or redness to have a dvt. If you are concerned, see your doctor.

Answered 10/4/2016


Dr. Jay Ryan answered

Yes: Either Achilles pain (strain, tear) or DVT would be most likely. See a specialist for a simple scan that will determine whether a clot is present. Swelling and redness is present only about 50-75% of the time.

Answered 2/18/2015


Dr. Ted King answered

Maybe: Calf pain that radiates down into the ankle could be a DVT but there are certainly muscular, ligamentous, and tendinous problems that can give you the same symptoms. Although swelling and redness certainly don't happen all the time with a dvt, there is probably a reasonable chance this is not a dvt. As dr. Ryan said, though, the only real way to know is to get a scan.

Answered 6/10/2014



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