A member asked:

How do i help my boyfriend get rid of his marriage phobia when he says he wants to settle down with me?

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Dr. Donald Hazlett answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Listen to him: And don't try to tell him he has no need to feel that way. Our feelings can't be denied. What we do about our feelings is most important. He obviously wants to "settle down" with you. Long talks with patient listening can help. If that doesn't seem to go anywhere, encourage him to talk to a professional about it. A good relationship can pull you through it all.

Answered 7/20/2012


Dr. Richard Levenson answered

Specializes in Anxiety Disorders

Marriage Phobia: Have him see a licensed mental health professional. Together, they can work through the fears and irrational beliefs he may have about being married.

Answered 11/1/2012


Dr. Jerry Smith answered

Specializes in Clinical Psychology

Couples Therapy: I recommend seeking pre-marital/relationship counseling together. An effective therapist will be able to assist you both in determining what you each want in the relationship and how to achieve your goals together in a way that does not intimidate or created undue anxiety/distress for either of you.

Answered 4/11/2015



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