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A 28-year-old male asked:

what is the definition or description of: cracked tooth syndrome?

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Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein
Cosmetic Dentistry 33 years experience
Breaking tooth.: Cracked tooth syndrome is the name for a condition where a tooth has a portion of it that is cracking and separating from the rest of it. The symptoms usually will be pain when chewing foods of a particular consistency and possibly, but not always, sensitivity to cold things.
Dr. Earl Sandroff
Dentistry 43 years experience
Pain with biting: Cracked tooth syndrome is the name we give any tooth that hurts when you bit on it and regularly does this. It does have to be diagnosed to make sure no other reason is causing pain. Cts can be with a tooth that has a large filling, small filling and even no filling. Know that when it hurts to bite down or eat on that tooth you may be the proud owner of a tooth that will only get worse.
Dr. Peter Certo
Dentistry 29 years experience
Pain when chewing: If your tooth gives you intense pain when chewing, you may have a cracked tooth. Cracks or fractures in teeth will show on x-rays, but not always. An experienced dentist can diagnose this without x-rays. If your dentist is not sure, an endodontist and/or oral surgeon can aid in the diagnosis.
Dr. Ronald Achong
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 18 years experience
I agree with this answer 100%
Dec 2, 2012
Dr. Gary Sandler
Dentistry 54 years experience
CT Syndrome: Cracked tooth syndrome refers to a situation where the patient complains of intermittent pain on biting or chewing although there is no obvious clinical or radiographic indications as to cause. It is a diagnosis based merely on those symptoms. Occasionally there is pain on releasing the biting pressure rather than on biting down which tends to substantiate the diagnosis.
Dr. Alex Shvartsman
Cosmetic Dentistry 25 years experience
Incomplete crack.: Cracked tooth syndrome is caused by a partial crack in a tooth under a cusp. It is mostly associated with amalgam metal fillings. The textbook symptom is pain on biting.The worst pain on release. As the cusp flexes the crack opens up and is filled in with fluid form the tooth. When the pressure is released the crack slams shut and the pressure of the fluid being forced out of the crack = pain.

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Is it normal for bottom teeth to come in before top teeth?

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Dr. Scott Katz
Pediatrics 26 years experience
Yes: The bottom middle incisors are almost always the first teeth and usually come in around 7 months old. However it is not a concern if the top teeth come in first. If your child has no teeth at 15 months old, your pediatrician will likely recommend a dental visit.
Dr. Ron E. Bell
Dr. Ron E. Bell commented
Cosmetic Dentistry 45 years experience
You could be proactive and see a dentist before the pediatrician recommends
Oct 31, 2015
A 22-year-old male asked about a member:

What is a normal age to start losing teeth?

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Dr. Robert Kwok
Pediatrics 33 years experience
6 years: Children lose their first baby teeth around age 6 years when the permanent teeth start coming in. They will get a total of 28 teeth (not counting any wisdom teeth). In the teen years, some kids have 2-4 teeth pulled before getting orthodontic braces. Years later, adults lose teeth through accidents, tooth decay, etc. . . The average number of remaining teeth at age 50-64 is 22-23 teeth.
A 34-year-old member asked:

What could cause white spots or stains on my teeth?

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General Practice 55 years experience
Decalcifications: Acid reflux could cause the white spots while many foods and or medications can stain the enamel
A 44-year-old member asked:

What does a supernumerary tooth look like?

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Dr. Michael Teitelbaum
Dentistry 32 years experience
Anything: I personally have 2, they look like regular molars. Some are weird shaped, some are tiny teeth.
A 32-year-old member asked:

Where can I find information on the net about dental health?

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Dr. Jake Richards
Dentistry 12 years experience
ADA.org: The ada is the american dental association and should have a lot of resources for you. You could ask your locat dentist as well.
Dr. Justin Zumstein
Dentistry 24 years experience
The Academy of General Dentistry is another good dental health resource...www.AGD.org
Aug 15, 2012

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Last updated Oct 24, 2017

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