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How can i tell whether i have carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Numbness in hand: Carpal tunnel means that the median nerve in your wrist is compressed or irritated as it travels through the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel can cause numbness and/or "tingling" in the thumb, index, middle, and 1/2 of the ring finger. It may involved any or all of these fingers. In addition some patients experience wrist pain and some experience weakness in their hand.

Answered 7/5/2012



History, exam, tests: While the diagnosis of carpal tunnel can often be made on the basis of a careful history and examination, electrical testing can be used to prove the diagnosis. This is important to rule out other diagnoses (e.g. Pinched nerve in the neck) that may be causing your symptoms. A neurologist can help guide diagnosis and treatment, .

Answered 6/27/2014



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