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I drink plenty of water, but i always wake up with a sore throat. should i be worried?

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Dr. Phil Zapanta answered

Specializes in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery

Probably not.: There are various reasons for waking up with a sore throat. In no particular order, the post common reasons include: gastric reflux, allergies due to post nasal drip and snoring. It would be helpful to know if it is after a certain meal, goes away in different environments (your house vs another location), or if you have been told you snore.

Answered 2/16/2015


Dr. Reed Day answered

Specializes in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Snoring: A sore throat in the morning is almost always related to snoring at night. An oral appliance to go to bed with can help. See you dentist or someone who does sleep dentistry.

Answered 3/21/2014



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