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Perio cleaning yesterday i saw a perio individual and she stated my mouuth needs perio-quad scaling cleaning. i brush, floss and use listerine 3 times daily to keep teeth clean. i read an article on the internet about a product called dental pro 7. also m

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Dr. Jonathan Scharf
Cosmetic Dentistry 51 years experience
Rather : Rather than comment on a specific product let's back up a minute and talk about the deep cleaning. Athough you have tried hard to do all of the right things it is possible that you have buildup below the gums requiring deep cleaning. This can be confirmed with x-rays and a periodontal charting to measure your gums. As long as you have tarter (calculus) below the gumline, no product will solve your gum issue. If you are questioning the need for this service, ask for an explanation and to see the documentation that resulted in the diagnosis. If you are not satisfied seek a second opinion, but do not ignore it and don't attempt to treat yourself.
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Dr. G Funari
Dr. G Funarianswered
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 47 years experience
I : I agree with the above comments. To help with your understanding of the situation you have to understand that healthy gum tissue has a small sulcus or crevice (think moat around a castle) at the level of the crown of the tooth. In healthy gum tissue this sulcus is approximately 1 to 3mm deep. As gum disease progresses, the tissue may become swollen and there may be bone loss around the teeth. These two events effectively increase the pocket depth. Any depth beyond about 4mm creates a situation where even the best brushing and flossing technique cannot adequately clean. As the pockets deepen, more bacterial and food debris accumulates accelerating the disease process, deepening the pocket and exposing root surface. This is where the hygienist and periodontist come into play. They are trained to be able to clean these deep pockets (deep scaling and root planing) and arrest the disease process. Occasionally surgery is employed to reduce the depth of the pockets. Unfortunately, once bone is lost is difficult if not impossible to recreate it around the tooth. That is why these deep cleanings, once begun, will be required in the future.
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Dr. Alan Zweig
Prosthodontics 47 years experience
There : There is no product that can do the job that quadrant deep scaling can do. It is good that you are conscientious about your oral hygiene. Unfortunately, you cannot remove the debris and toxins that are concentrating under your gums. That can only be done mechanically with a proper dental instrument and technique. My suggestion is to have the recommended treatment done, and then maintain it with your proper oral hygiene. Forget about listerine, or any other product. The plaque must be mechanically removed with a toothbrush, floss and regular professional treatment.
Created for people with ongoing healthcare needs but benefits everyone.
Last updated Oct 4, 2016


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