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What is the surgery for bertolotti's syndrome, is it always necessary, will it get worse? these are the findings so far and want to be able to ask smart questions at the specialist appt: partial sacralization of the l5 segment with hypertrophy of the lef

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Dr. Herbert Krob answered

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Since : Since this question asks about surgical approaches, let's reclassify it in the "neurosurgery" category.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Brian Sabb answered

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Bertolotti’s syndrome is intervertebral disc degeneration above the level of a lumbosacral transitional segment. The degeneration often takes the form of a disc herniation and results in spinal canal stenosis and potentially effacement of spinal nerves. The treatment would be to address the disc disease as needed: PT, muscle strengthening, anti-inflammatories, injections, and surgery are options.

Answered 3/6/2021



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