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I am a diabetic what can i eat or drink when blood sugar is high how can i get it down? i am a type 2 and every other night and morning my blood level is in the 200 or 300 what do i do to bring it down?

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You : You need a comprehensive evaluation with a diabetes support team, which includes your doctor, a diabetes educator and/or a nutritionist. Your diet will be reviewed along with your medications. There are many reasons your blood sugar is elevated. The first being what you are consuming. The second is your medication may not be sufficient and an adjustment is in order. Actually both are likely to blame. In the meantime follow a strict diabetic diet, get plenty of exercise, and stay hydrated. All the best.

Answered 12/30/2018



Agree with Dr. J: In addition to taking the medication prescribed by your doctor and following diet advised by your dietitian, losing weight will help.

Answered 1/7/2019



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