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A 39-year-old male asked:

hello details are my brother mri result. i need to know the risk fator of a surgery and options he has. mri cervical spine: findings: - normal alignment with straightening of the cervical curve. - c4/c5 & c6/c7 posterioc disc herniator with marginal osteo

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Dr. Mary Engrav
Dr. Mary Engravanswered
Emergency Medicine 31 years experience
There : There is compression of the cervical spinal cord and neural foraminae, therefore the patient most likely needs surgery. Once there is compression on the spinal cord, there can be catastrophic consequences without surgery. Please be sure that the patient sees a neurosurgeon or spinal orthopedic surgeon immediately. If the patient had numbness or weakness then they must go to the er.
Dr. Brett Weinzapfel
Orthopedic Spine Surgery 30 years experience
Treatment : Treatment depends on your brother's symptoms. Myelopathy (my·e·lop·a·thy) is deterioriation of the spinal cord. Of all the spinal conditions that i treat, myelopathy is the most likely to be previously misdiagnosed. Patients with cervical myelopathy often present with vague complaints and have not been accurately diagnosed. Some “vague” complaints include “trouble walking”, “my legs feel weak”, “my legs feel numb”, “electric shocks” in the back, diffuse back pain, “i drop things”, “my hands feel stiff or like i'm wearing gloves”. Many patients will not complain of neck pain at all. Some patients will use a cane or walker. Problems with fine motor skills such as buttoning buttons, handling coins, and handwriting is a common complaint. Global numbness or paresthesias (tingling) in the arms may be noted. Hip and thigh weakness may result in trouble rising from a chair. Physical exam gait examination is sensitive for detecting myelopathy. Look for a wide-based gait or difficulty performing a heel-to-toe tightrope gait. Romberg test (loss of balance while standing with eyes closed and arms outstretched) can abnormal in myelopathy. Neck range of motion may be limited. An electric shock-like sensation down the center of the back following flexion of the neck (lhermitte's sign) may indicate spinal cord compression. Weakness or sensory changes may be found, but are often nonspecific. Decreased vibratory sensation may indicate posterior-columns dysfunction. Atrophy of the hand or shoulder musculature may be seen in severe cases of myelopathy. Fasciculation in the upper-extremity muscles may be present. Hyperreflexia in both the upper and the lower extremities is often present, although foraminal stenosis in the cervical or lumbar spine may result in an absent reflex. Other long-tract signs include the inverted radial reflex (finger flexion instead of a brachioradialis reflex), clonus and positive babinski and hoffmann reflexes. Tretment cervical immobilization may be tried, but is usually not beneficial except in cases of instability.. In cases of moderate and severe melopathy with documented progression, surgery is indicated. The goal of surgery is to decompress the spinal cord. This may be done from the front by removing disks and part of the vertebral body, from the back by removing the lamina, or both.

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A 40-year-old member asked:

What can be done for head and neck pain from arthritis in the cervical spine?

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Dr. Nabil Moufarrej
Sleep Medicine 44 years experience
Neck pain: This needs to be checked to assess the severity if no significant pathology anti inflammatory meds and muscle relaxants may help as will exercise and pt.
Detroit, MI
A 20-year-old female asked:

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend of 3 yrs and he ejaculated inside of me while I was on my period. The next day, it stopped and it hasn't came back on ever since. This was about 2 & a half weeks ago. Is it possible i'm pregnant?

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Dr. Deborah Metzger
Obstetrics and Gynecology 39 years experience
Unlikely.: The most fertile time of the month is about 2 weeks from the start of your period assuming that you have a period every 28 days. If your periods are shorter than 28 days, it is possible that you could have hit the fertile time. You will have to wait until you miss your period to get a pregnancy test. There is no way to tell if you are pregnant where you are in your cycle now.
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A 51-year-old female asked:

I had a nerve block in my neck during and after shoulder surgery it was causing ringing in the ears so I discontinued it the ringing has never stopped what can I do?

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Dr. Ronald Galyon
Orthopedic Surgery 35 years experience
Tinnitus: Tinnitus is not a disease, but a condition that can result from a wide range of underlying causes. Sometimes spontaneous, Aspirin toxicity or in your case, possibly related to your surgery and something as simple as a potassium imbalance. This explains the many home remedies you . It might be best to consult with an ENT for a complete workup as this may or may not have been related to your surgery.
United Kingdom
A 44-year-old female asked:

Newly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Is it normal to have stomach and back pain all day every day ?

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Dr. Addagada Rao
General Surgery 56 years experience
Unusual : See your doctor need examination for uc complications. Having : stomach and backpain all day every day' is unusual, may not be due to your uc. Your stomach problem may be due to your new medication, and in addition you may have back problem.
A 37-year-old member asked:

Is surgery helpful for sciatic nerve damage. Burning in leg, numbness, tingling & stumbling?

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Dr. Larry Armstrong
Neurosurgery 27 years experience
Yes: You describe symptoms of radiculopathy which is when a nerve malfunctions due to some type of pressure on the nerve. You should see your family md for evaluation and they can do an MRI for evaluation. Of course, before surgery, you should try physical therapy and epidural steroid injections if possible.
Dr. Douglas Chang
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 21 years experience
you might check this out as well: http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00351
Nov 22, 2014

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