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Left ovarian cyst hi, 4 weeks back i had pain on my left side. initially, the doctors treated it as a kidney pain as i had a kidney stone (3mm) in my left kidney in june 2011. the doctors did the kidney treatment. i wasnt satisfied and decided to go for

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I : I can definitely understand your concern. That is a long time to have pain, and it sounds like it has been a complicated situation. Initially you had the kidney stone that sounds like it was successfully treated, and you then had a negative ct scan. Now it is found that you have an ovarian cyst that is 3.5 cm. Ovarian cysts are painful. They can pop and rupture, leaking fluid into the peritoneal (abdomino-pelvic)space, which usually resolves on its own though it is quite painful. Most ovarian cysts resolve on their own. Please see a gynecologist in follow up to be sure that this is resolving. Some women need to be treated with medications such as hormonal treatments to resolve cysts (such as oral contraceptive tablets). If you have sudden increase in pain, fever, vomiting, or new symptoms then you would have to be seen as an emergency, but otherwise please make an appointment with a licensed gynecologist.

Answered 11/6/2016



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