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Compression stockings don't help pain what else can i do? i had a dvt in my right leg 2 years ago. it went from my groin to ankle. i still have pain in this leg, and when i walk any distance or even a 50 yards i get excuriating pain in my leg, specific

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Dr. Monica Wood answered

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It : It sounds like you had a very severe clot. You do not mention a cause, but you are at risk of developing more clots. I would assume you have had a discussion with your physician about the pros and cons of long-term anti-coagulation (blood thinning). If not, you should do so. It is possible you have another clot causing the pain, but i'm going to assume the pain is more chronic and not changing. Post-dvt syndrome is very difficult. The valves in the veins that keep blood from back-flowing are often damaged. Blood tends to pool in the legs, making them swollen and sore. Compression stockings are the mainstay of treatment, but you may need more or less compression than you are getting. Have you tried different grades? Are you using knee-high or thigh-high stockings? Are they getting stretched out to where they are less effective? If changing stockings doesn't help, you can try a regimen of elevation. This would require physician supervision and time off to lay in bed with your foot above your heart. Because you have increased clotting risk, you would still have to get up periodically to promote circulation and you may require blood thinners during that period. Once the swelling goes down, increase activities in intervals as tolerated. Anti-inflammatories may be helpful, but often cannot be mixed with blood thinners. Talk to your physician about managing pain and inflammation with medications. You may also have a second problem in addition to post-dvt syndrome, such as peripheral vascular disease. A vascular surgeon might be helpful in evaluating your leg and giving you more advice.

Answered 10/3/2016



You may: Have developed another DVT are you on blood thinner. I would consider this an emergency and suggest you get it checked right away!

Answered 6/10/2014


Dr. Neil Halin answered

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Consult: you should see a Vascular Surgeon or Interverntional Radiologist who specializes in venous diseases. You might benefit from further intervention to remove chronic clot or stent open narrowed veins. You can find more information at www.sirweb.org or www.vascularweb.org

Answered 6/1/2017



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