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If someone was to snort up the nasal cavity vicks vapor rub what would be the effects of this to the body. i think a friend is doing this and before i confront her i want more ionfo about how it can hurt your body or if it will.

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Your : Your friend is lucky to have someone who is concerned about her health and well being. After some research into the subject, the two main harmful effects of doing this are respiratory (lung) and GI (stomach) issues. The respiratory concerns are impaired breathing which can lead to respiratory distress and even pneumonia, both of which can be deadly. The GI issues are mainly vomiting and abdominal pain, and esophagitis. I hope your friend stops this behavior afte rlearning of the harmful side effects; if not please encourage her to seek help. Take care.

Answered 12/30/2018


Dr. Joel Teig answered

It can be toxic: Vick’s vaporub when contacting the mucous membranes of any location in the body, can be absorbed and enter the bloodstream and cause dangerous toxic effects. Don’t ever place in nose, in mouth, in vagina or in rectum

Answered 9/3/2019



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