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What are the most common complications of temporal lobe epilepsy surgery?

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Dr. Ramin AmirNovin answered

Specializes in Neurosurgery

Depends on the side: The most common problems are just headaches, infections, or the lack of seizure cure. The more scary complications are the less common complications. For instance, partial vision loss, memory problems, or speech problems are only seen in 2-5% of patients. Talk to you md about your specific case please.

Answered 11/27/2014


Dr. William Goldie answered

Specializes in Pediatric Neurology

Memory loss: The most important function of the temporal lobes is to store information in memory. For some patients removing the temporal lobe to cure epilepsy causes loss of memory to some degree. Careful surgery rarely causes other complications. Left temporal resection may result in a speech disorder. Bilateral temporal resection will seriously affect memory function.

Answered 1/9/2021



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