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I have a very, very bad sore throat, a fever consistently between 99-101 degrees, a headache, a slight cough, and a stuffed nose it all came on quite suddenly on sunday. what could this be?

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Dr. Joy Jackson answered

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Based : Based on the symptoms you described you could be dealing with pharyngitis (infection of the throat) which could be caused by a bacterial or a virus; versus a sinus infection. Other more serious less likely possibilities include influenza (flu) or meningitis (infection of the central nervous system). Regardless, you need to see your health care provider right away; the provider will ask you specific questions about your illness and perform a physical exam. You can expect that your provider will likely perform a throat culture or a test called a rapid strep test and possibly blood tests to check for certain infections. Your doctor/provider will make a decision based on the test results regarding which treatment is appropriate. If a more serious problem is suspected, your doctor will likely send you to the emergency department.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. David Schleimer answered

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Cold or flu: Cold or flu would be the most likely answer. It worsens or continues, see an md. Good luck.

Answered 5/14/2015


Dr. David Rosenfeld answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Cold or Flu: Cold or flu would be the most likely answer.

Answered 9/11/2013



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