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How common is double vision in limited circumstances? i am 70, male. i am nearsighted, w/ an astigmatic correction, and wear glasses. sometimes, when i have been driving all day, mostly at night, i get double vision--it seems like my eyes both look forw

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Double : Double vision also referred to as diploplia. Double vision is the simultaneous perception of two images of one object, with one of the images being displaced. Double vision is usually an early sign of a more serious medical condition involving the neurologic or muscular systems, an auto immune disease, infectious processes, opthamological issues or cancer. Fatigue may rarely cause double vision, but not consistently. It is crucial you see your doctor to investigate the double vision. Let your doctor know that you were already cleared by an opthamologist.

Answered 7/24/2018



One eye or two: Double vision with one eye means either dry eyes or uncorrected astigmatism. If you close one eye and the double vision goes away, this would be a eye muscle or neurological disease.

Answered 12/11/2019



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