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When i ask what happened at school, all i get is "nothing" or "okay" -- how do i get my child to talk?

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Emergency parenting!: Stresses at home, school, personal or otherwise can affect emotonal and physical well being of a growing child. Understanding, listening, love, support, honest guidance at an appropriate pace, all these will enable a child to open up and talk about the ups and downs of their lives. When they do, you can guide them to choose appropriate .Give praise for all positive efforts, redirect negatives.

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Active listening: The best approach to getting a child to speak about what happened at school is to practice "active listening". You may start with:"something must have happened at school that you're not happy about, would you like to talk about it?"you probably get a "no". Say "ok, when you're ready, i'll be here to hear you out". Then later, approach him/her again. http://www.more4kids.info/306/active-listening/.

Answered 11/18/2011



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