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How can i manage hemorrhoids while i'm pregnant?

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Fiber: First, try to avoid hemorrhoids by increasing fiber, fluids, and regular exercise. Minimize straining or sitting for long periods. If they occur, use tucks, (witch hazel) sitz baths, and a steroidal hemorrhoid cream for symptom relief. If they become excruciatingly painful and purple, they may be thrombosed. Call your doctor right away.

Answered 6/27/2015



3 things to do: Here are three simple measures that can help minimize hemorrhoid symptoms. 1. Use baby wipes instead of toilet paper. This significantly reduces hemorrhoid irritation. 2. Take a daily fiber supplement to help maintain regularity with bowel movements. 3. Take warm baths as needed to help relieve flare-ups. Most pregnancy-related hemorrhoid symptoms will resolve within three months after delivery.

Answered 12/7/2011



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