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Edema in legs i am experiencing severe edma in my legs from the knees down. i have had the standard tests that do not show any reason. the only reason two doctors have told me is that at 60 my veins must be deteriorting early. i take methadone for chronic

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Dr. Mark Lacambra answered

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Edema : Edema can be the result of lots of different causes and that sometimes makes the source of it hard to diagnose. As a physician, i usually start with the most ominous possibilities first, rule them out, and proceed with less worrisome causes. Top of the list is to rule out blood clots. Given the fact that your swelling is in both legs and that the ultrasound was negative (normal), it is safe to say that is not the source. Sometimes those studies will describe valvular insufficiency, a problem with the valves in your veins not working so well. This could benefit from compression stocking that your doctor could perscribe. There are other ominous causes that your history does not elaborate on. Your doctor probably has evaluated you for congestive heart failure and kidney problems. Sometimes thyroid problems can contribute to this as well. If those issues are not the source, a review of your medications may be revealing. Certain meds are notorious for causing this, like Norvasc or amlodipine. Finally, yes, the narcotics may be contributing, but getting of them at present may be hard. You may be sedentary from your pain and that could contribute as well. Sitting for prolonged periods makes it hard to mobilize the fluid that accumulates in the lower parts of your body. If able, regular activity may help. Ultimately, you may benefit from diuretics, a class of meds that help your kidneys get rid of excess fluid in conjunction with the compression stockings. Good luck! mark lacambra sand point internal medicine.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Thomas Wright answered

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Lymphedema: One of the most common cause of leg swelling is lymphedema. This is caused by poor lymphatic circulation. Venous insufficiency primarily from superficial or deep vein failure can also cause leg swelling. There is effective treatment for both of these conditions[ that include compression stockings]. Good luck.

Answered 12/31/2022


Dr. Ted King answered

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Leg swelling: The answers from drs. Lacambra and wright are very good. As dr. Lacambra said, getting to the bottom of leg swelling can be very difficult. If your veins are the cause, as you doctors have apparently suggested, then you should see a vein specialist. Vein treatment, in that case, should help.

Answered 5/29/2013


Dr. Bret Boyle answered

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Many possibilities: Sedentary lifestyle, medications, heart and kidney disease, "bad" veins, obesity and a few others can all cause and/or contribute to chronic edema in legs. Proper compression in the form of stockings or wraps (circaid garments) along with adequate elevation of legs above the heart, must be used daily in order to control this problem. See a lymphedema clinic for help.

Answered 5/8/2016



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