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How can i treat lower salivary gland pain?

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Dr. Brijesh Chandwani answered

Specializes in Orofacial Pain

Oral Pathology : Consult an oral pathologist for the right diagnosis and treatment. Salivary gland do not hurt usually and there could be a underlying medical condition.

Answered 12/14/2012


Dr. Simon Rosenberg answered

Specializes in Prosthodontics

See Dentist : Swelling and tenderness on pressing the saliva gland or pus coming from the gland opening are signs of saliva gland infection. The formation of a stone in the salivary gland or duct is another possibility. See your dentist for diagnosis and treatment options.

Answered 9/11/2018


Dr. Gary Sandler answered

Specializes in Dentistry

Diagnosis first: Unless you are a dentist, you can't be sure that the pain you are experiencing is in fact coming from your salivary gland. It might well be a lymph node or something else such as an infection. Please see your dentist or even better yet an oral surgeon for a proper diagnosis and then the appropriate treatment.

Answered 2/25/2016



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