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How long is the recovery for a aaa repair?

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Depends: Aaas can be fixed using either an open or endovascular technique. The open approach will take weeks to recover from while the endovascular approach may only take days to a week. The complexity of the repair and length of hospital stay will influence the recovery as well.

Answered 12/11/2014


Dr. Michael Korona answered

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Few days: If you have an endograft recovery very fast. I'm an interventional radiologist who places endografts for AAA with a cardiovascular surgeon as a team. Our patients go home in one or two days.

Answered 6/10/2014



Recovery: Endovascular repairs allow people to go home the day after with some soreness in the groins which will take a week or so to go away. The open surgical repairs leave patients in the hospital 6-8 days, on average, and count on a full month to feel back to full speed.

Answered 3/18/2013



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