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Can u please describe in detail what they do when u have arthroscopic labral debridment acromioplasty synovectomy and bursectomy surgery of left shoulder?

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Dr. Andrew DeGruccio answered

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Shoulder Scope: 3-4 small portal incisions, 1-2 stitches each. Scope assessment of joint, labrum and cuff tissues with pictures. Cleaning up of degenerative tissues and tears with shavers, biters and/or heat probes. Shaving and removing of bursa and bone spurs about rotator cuff. 1-2 hours long surgery with general anesthesia and arm nerve block.

Answered 11/20/2014


Dr. Vivek Agrawal answered

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See Below: Acromioplasty (commonly referred to as spur removal or shaving) is one of the most commonly performed shoulder procedures and is also considered to be one of the most overperformed procedures. I would recommend you consider a second opinion with a shoulder specialist to firmly establish the reasons behind your shoulder pain. http://www.theshouldercenter.com/labrum-tear-slap-lesion.htm for more...

Answered 5/8/2019


Dr. Robert Meislin answered

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Shoulder details: When performing this surgery a motorized shaver with a suction device is used to remove the offending inflammatory structures; on occasion a heat thermal device is used to cauterize bleeding vessels and to debride the painful synovial and bursal tissues.

Answered 10/4/2016


Dr. Charles Toman answered

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Yes: The labrum is a cartilage ring that can have some tearing . Debridement just means that this is trimmed to a stable edge. Acromioplasty means that the undersurface of the acromion is removed partially(just millimeters). Synovectomy means that some inflamed tissue is removed during surgery. The bursectomy portion is the removal of the inflamed burial tissue above the rotator cuff.

Answered 8/7/2013



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