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I am trying to conceive for more then a year. can i exercise during my fertile days or on my ovulation day?

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Dr. Brian Kaufman answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

YES!: Absolutely. There are no studies that say that moderate level exercise would prevent you from getting pregnant. In fact some would argue that increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs should help improve fertility. Its a good idea to talk to your gynecologist so that they can evaluate you for any other ways to enhance your chances. So keep going and good luck.

Answered 10/4/2013


Dr. Nikolaos Zacharias answered

Specializes in Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Seek REI care!: Seek care with a reputable reproductive endocrinologist infertility specialist in your area. They can answer your questions about periconceptional exercise in detail. I would recommend you take Folic Acid 1-5 mg daily, avoid strenuous exercise (no competitive/professional/contact sports) but you may exercise moderately with treadmill, stationary bike, swimming, or brisk walking.

Answered 3/18/2015



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