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My hands turn orange when im in the cold, what could this be?

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Dr. Robert Kwok answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Less circulation?: Raynaud's phenomenon is a symptom caused by constriction of small blood vessels, usually in the fingers and toes, leading to a lack of nutrients and oxygen going to the fingers and toes. Raynaud's phenomenon can be due to auto-immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, medication effects, etc... A primary care, endocrinology, or rheumatology doctor can look for possible causes of the hand symptoms.

Answered 11/27/2020


Dr. Donald Colantino answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Cold exposure: Fingers often turn colors when exposed to cold. The commonest pattern is white to red to blue. Transient color changes are due to reflex vasospasm which is constriction of small blood vessels followed by eventual dilatation. Raynaud's phenomenon usually occurs in some of the fingers and is mostly not serious but can be seen in various pathological conditions like autoimmune disorders? See your MD

Answered 11/17/2018



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