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Your thoughts and concerns with the stomach band?

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Dr. Tracy Berg answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Bariatric procedures: The lap band is an adjustable and removable constrictor of your stomach. It is placed around the upper portion of your stomach and typically patients "feel full", upper portion of the stomach distends with small amount food. The sensory nerves that trigger your brain to switch from hunger to satiety are also in this upper part of your stomach. There are additional procedures and programs to help.

Answered 3/13/2014


Dr. Dean Giannone answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Patient-dependent.: The Lap Band is very dependent on your efforts at weight loss. It's an assistive device. It won't make the weight magically disappear from your body. It'll help,you lose weight, about 70 pounds on average, in conjunction with a prudent diet and exercise regimen.

Answered 11/26/2014


Dr. Chuck Shaffer answered

Specializes in Bariatrics

My opinion: While a lap-band can be effective for weight-loss. But it's easy to gain your weight back.The reason it is relatively easy to cheat on the regulatory effect of the gastric pouch created by the banding procedure. For example, self-destructive patients could continue to eat High carbohydrate, high sugary foods. Which will make you gain your weight back? Learn eat correctly for yourself.See your doc

Answered 7/10/2015



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