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Is it normal to cough up black phlegm even after you quit smoking?

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No: After someone stops smoking there will be a period of weeks of increase sputum production due to recovery of the function of your airways. After six to eight weeks you should no longer have a productive cough/smokers cough. Black sputum can be from certain bacterial/fungal infections ad you should let our healthcare provider know.

Answered 11/1/2020



Even more so: What your lungs are doing are cleaning themselves out. The black stuff is what was down there! now, your little hair cells and airways have recovered from being smoked on constantly and are working, bringing up the accumulated mucus and assorted crap. It can go on for weeks, and rarely longer. Stick with it and congrats on a great choice! don't falter, have a support system, stick with it.

Answered 1/13/2019



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