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My husband had a ct scan of his chest 3 times, all the times it showed something but this time it showed an existing nodule in the right lung and a new nodule measuring 4 mm in the right upper lobe. the left lower has hazy markings. my husband is a former

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Dr. James Lin answered

Need to follow up!: It is important to note the shape of these nodules. If the edges are irregular or " spiculated" that is more worrisome. Also, the pattern of calcifications is important as well. These nodules should be followed for stability for 2 years. If they change or enlarge, they should be biopsied or evaluated for malignancy. Follow the recommendations of the reading radiologist, or get 2nd opinion.

Answered 9/11/2019


Dr. Liawaty Ho answered

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Need evaluation: He would need further evaluation. The fact that he is a former smoker, still gives him significant risk for lung cancer. I dont know the size of the 1st nodule- if possible, a core biopsy should be done to rule out malignancy. A pet scan also needs to be done if not been done in the past- although however, negative finding on the 2nd nodule will not rule out cancer completely due to its size.

Answered 12/25/2017



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