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Recent ct scan: non-obstr kidney stone, diverticulitis, thickening of bladder. have to wait 2wks for followup, despite blood in urine/pain. is ths ok?

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Dr. Barry Rosen answered

Specializes in General Surgery

2 Few Puzzle Pieces: You are describing a lot of significant findings, but w/o the clinical context needed to give you an intelligent answer. By ct alone, it sounds like acute diverticulitis. Were you hospitalized? What is/was your exam like? What does your labwork show? Any prior episodes? I advise you to discuss your concerns w/your primary care dr. Good luck!

Answered 9/24/2013


Dr. Eric Kaplan answered

Specializes in Colon and Rectal Surgery

IF this is: Diverticulitis with secondary inflammation of your bladder or possible fistula to your bladder from the diverticulitis, you need to be on 2 weeks of antibiotics and a no fiber diet and you need follow up with a colorectal surgeon 2 weeks into the process. The diet above is critical if this has a chance to resolve without surgery.

Answered 10/3/2016



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