A member asked:

I was told i could donate a kidney to my aunt and then found out i have type 2 diabetes, can i still donate it?

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Dr. Raj Singh answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

No: Kidney donation from patients with diabetes is not considered as the quality of organ is suboptimal because of diabetes induced damage and more importantly patients with diabetes have high incidence of end stage renal disease and dialysis and may need transplant in the future.

Answered 5/26/2014


Dr. Ron Jones answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Probably not: I would assume that would depend on how long you have had diabetes and how controlled you have been. Also the condition of the kidney. I do not feel that you would be the best candidate both for your future well being and the recipient's. I don't think i would want your kidney nor would i want to risk being a diabetic with one kidney but god bless where your heart is.

Answered 9/9/2014



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