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A 32-year-old member asked:

What exactly is longevity/anti-aging medicine?

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Dr. Ray Holt
Dr. Ray Holtanswered
Family Medicine 29 years experience
We're all in the biz: All physicians are in the business of "anti-aging", that's what we do! everything we teach you and prescribe to you is meant to either make you more comfortable or prolongue your life. Anything else outside of the "satndard of care" is generally quakery and expensive snake oil. Don't waste your money, find a doctor you trust and take their advice.
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Dr. Homeira Izadi
undefined 31 years experience
there are a few organizations in the US dealing with the science of anti-aging medicine including A4M, Age Management Medical Group.. I had the training and received board certification but do not agree with a lot of their recommendations . I encourage you finding a physician who practices evidence based medicine has recommendations based on research and not individual observations.
Jan 16, 2014
Dr. Homeira Izadi
undefined 31 years experience
the main part of anti-aging medicine is hormone replacement therapy since we lose the ability to secret hormones as we age. the first pioneer in this field was Dr. Harman from American Aging Association, he is 98y/o healthy and active doctor who established Gerontology. Cenegenics is one of the institutes with more evidence based recommendations but not affordable for all. just eat healthy , exerc
Jan 16, 2014
Dr. Homeira Izadi
undefined 31 years experience
I believe personalized medicine will be the future of medicine based on genomic information, family history and eating and exercise habits, underlying medical issues, each patient should have an individualized plan of care and more detailed and thorough exam and lab work, VO2 Max, DEXA scan and US of main arteries would be a part of the initial evaluation to make that plan
Jan 16, 2014
Dr. Sandra Pinkham
54 years experience
Many aspects: Physicians who belong to the organization that promotes anti-aging , use diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and hormonal optimization to delay the aging process. Most controversial is the use of hormones like estradiol, testosterone, and growth hormone which can have unintended consequences of promoting common tumors.
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Dr. Louise Andrew
A Verified Doctoranswered
Emergency Medicine 47 years experience
Excellent question!: Most medicine is disease management, but anti-aging (also called age management) takes a more preventative approach by teaching and emphasizing lifestyle choices such as excellent nutrition, exercise and hormone optimization aimed at increasing healthful longevity proactively. Doctors pursuing AAM or AMM have also incorporated Regenerative medicine (using body itself to ameliorate or cure).
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