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When is a low salt diet "low" enough?

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Dr. Robert Lang answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine - Endocrinology

Depends: There are several reasons to be on a low salt diet. Only about 15-20% of people are 'salt sensitive' and need to restrict salt or they will get high blood pressure. There are excellent studies that show that a diet that is very low in salt leads to an increase in mortality. If you need a low salt diet ask your doctor what is appropriate for your condition.

Answered 12/7/2015


Dr. Martin Fried answered

Specializes in Nutrition

Less than 2 grams: The overall recommendation is less than 2 grams of salt a day. Reading labels is one way to decrease the intake of salt, Eating fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, whole grains and nuts and seeds is another way to have a low salt diet. Avoiding processed deli meats and prepared foods is a third way to avoid salt that is added to foods. Good Health to you

Answered 2/27/2015


Dr. Clarence Grim answered

Specializes in Endocrinology

Low salt diet: 49 F from CA asks: When is low salt diet "low enough". When you get to the salt intake recommend by the one prescribing the low Na diet. If for HTN then goal is <1,500 mg sodium a day. Read labels. If for heart failure may be < 250 mg Na a day. I recommend the app fitness pal which will track your sodium and potassium intake as well as many other things and you can see if you are low enough.

Answered 11/5/2016



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