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Why is it that pneumonitis is common in doing chest x-ray as i have a very mild asthma according to the doctor who ordered pft to me? also one doctor ordered antibiotic but symptoms of frequent cough still there and other doctor had given me corticosteroi

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Stick with 1 person: Sounds like you are shopping around for opinions. If you have chronic cough that is productive, there can be many causes. Working with one pulmonologist will help you get at the root of the problem. Asthma doesn't usually cause a productive cough, and most bronchitis is viral, so antibiotics won't work. Post nasal drip, allergies, chronic bronchitis, bronchiolitis, bronchiectasis, reflux, etc.

Answered 10/23/2017



See below: You may have some form of interstitial lung disease, or an atypical pneumonia. Those frequently respond to corticosteroids but you may need more tests to pinpoint the diagnosis, such as ct, bronchoscopy, biopsy. That will allow to tailor treatment. See a pulmonologist, if you haven't already.

Answered 8/6/2019



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